New Software For May 2017

Chromis Point of Sale POS Management Software System Dolibarr Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Relationship Management Apache OpenOffice Suite – Word Processor / Spreadsheet Libre Office Suite – Word Processor / Spreadsheet Shotcut Video / Audio Professional Editor & Publishing Studio Clonezilla Hard Drive Partition & Disk Imaging Cloning Manager SystemRescueCD – Repair / Restore Hard Drive Data Loss Flight Simulator Jet Aircraft / Airplane / Helicopter Training Media Portal Advanced Media Center – .

New Disc Labels

We have added 10 new software items along with 10 new disc labels. These disc labels are more colorful, simple, and professional than previous labels. Therefore all disc labels are going to be upgraded, so the current disc labels that you see now will be removed by the end of May, 2016. These new disc labels are high quality and professionally done so we are pretty excited for the soon upgrade.


It has been awhile since we have updated the company’s news but a lot has changed. All makeup and jewelry items are currently being liquidated. Sharper Jacks has been restructured and is now putting most of its focus in producing new software. As always we are continuing to provide professional website services. We have begun a campaign of creating new software products within a large range of different categories. As you will soon see .

New Makeup Brands

We have added some hot name brand makeup items that are priced to sell out fast! Revlon and L’Oreal Paris items can now be found directly on our website. Check out all of the different makeup brands we have to offer by clicking the link below. This week we are working on adding a lot of different jewelry items so be on the lookout for really great deals on beautiful jewelry.

Setting up For Growth

We have been hard at work as usual to bring you new items and new categories. Be on the lookout for new Revlon and L’Oreal makeup coming in less than a week. We have lowered the cost of shipping by allowing customers to buy multiple items and having us ship them all in a single box. Previously the shipping was not setup to function in such a way but this is just another way .

New Makeup Category!

Say hello to the new makeup category! We currently have listed three different brands of makeup but expect to list more in the coming weeks. All makeup is priced to sell fast so hurry while supplies last! New category will be coming this week which will be uniquely hand carved statues made in Myanmar and carved from only the finest of woods which include, Rosewood, Ebony Wood, and Cedar. As always we look forward .

New Product Zoom

We have improved the product image gallery to be able to super zoom into a product which will help our customers with making better buying decisions. Take a look at the new product image zoom at the link below. Product Zoom

Brand New Ad

We have a new ad look for our eBay shop. It is very pleasing to the eyes and we are just so excited to be updating all of our old ads to the new ones. What is new with these ads is a complete design change as well as some important details were added such as product returns and other aspects that we felt our customers wanted to know before making a safe and .